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Platform and wrap due diligence – dull but necessary?

Megaphone Dude

‘Begin with the end in mind’ may sound like management speak but is pertinent when it comes to choosing technology to support your client proposition and a ‘home’ upon which to hold your client’s invested assets. But where do you start?

Everyone loves a multiple choice quiz. Question: what does your current platform due diligence documentation look like?

A. It’s a document from my platform/wrap provider

B. It’s a file full of FSA factsheets plus a document from my platform provider

C. Something else altogether

If any of the above applies to you, then read on!

Your answer might be ‘C’ – but what does good due diligence actually need to consist of and look like? Most importantly, how do you go about it?

Perhaps a mobile phone device analogy will be helpful. Think about when you bought your mobile phone. Did you leave the shop, device in hand or already to your ear and then, six months later, go back and ask for the documentation? Unlikely.

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Summary of most recent projects

Leap of faith

It’s been a busy time here at Quality Platform Solutions, focused on delivering multiple projects for a variety of providers and financial advisers. Below is a short summary.

  • Provision of ‘take to market consultation’ for a new financial advisory proposition; with responsibility for the development and initial delivery of the strategy (client: Legal & General)
  • Responsible for all IFA research across Scotland and Northern Ireland, regarding pre- and post- Retail Distribution Review (RDR) behaviour and attitudes (client: CWC Research)
  • Project management, ‘Take to market’ strategy and process development for the launch of a new web based investment proposition (client:
  • Responsible for the development and delivery of a focused training programme for Wrap Implementation Managers, using team based learning and insights (client: Aegon UK)
  • For various financial adviser clients, I have been involved in proposition development, platform and DFM due diligence – assisting with decision making and documentation (clients: various)
  • I was responsible for the development of some of the J11 Course Material, specifically related to Wraps and Platforms (client: Tax Briefs)
  • Provision of independent consultancy for the delivery a large scale platform selection and due diligence project for a well-known London based wealth management firm (client: Wealth Manager, London)

If you have any questions about these projects or how I could support you in delivering against your business objectives, please get in touch.

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